Birth parents have many choices when it comes to creating a birth plan for your child.  As a birth parent, you  have the option of determining if your adoption will open or closed.  Illinois adoption law allows you to have the option of knowing your child and being a part of your child’s life, which is called open adoption.  If you would prefer not to have any information or relationship with your child, you can choose a closed adoption plan.  You can also choose whether it will be private, or if you want to use an adoption agency.  Bascially, you are are in full control when making your birth plan.  Here are some reasons adoption may be a good option for you:

You also don't feel ready to be a parent yet, but you don't want to get an abortion, either.

You would like to provide your child with 2 parents, but you are single and not in a stable relationship.

You want to give your child the emotional and financial stability he or she needs, yet you don't feel prepared to do that in your present situation.

When formulating a birth plan, you can actually choose the parents who will adopt your child.  HPC can offer referrals to local adoption agencies, who will provide the support you need as you walk through your pregnancy.  Their support will continue during and after your delivery and as long as you deem necessary.

Let HPC help you answer questions about what forming an adoption plan might look like for you.

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